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Seven Ways to Reuse and Get Creative with Your Old iPhone [DIY]

It’s arguably Apple’s greatest skill: Making your previous gear look obsolete next to their new releases. So what do you do with your devices after they’ve been made redundant? Here’s a handful of ways to reuse that spare, older-gen iPhone. More »

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How To Add More Channels to Windows Media Center’s Program Guide [Media Center]

It’s frustrating that Media Center only displays seven television channels in the program guide at a time, especially if it’s part of a home theater setup. This hack adds more channels to the program guide for easier living-room browsing. More »

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Gmail Can Now Open All Word Documents in Your Browser [Gmail]

Gmail can now open all Microsoft Word files (both DOC and DOCX formats) in Google Docs Viewer with the click of a link—a new feature accompanied by an equally simple route to editing the file in Google Docs. More »

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Lose the Taskbar Thumbnail Delay in Windows 7 with a Registry Hack [Windows Tip]

Windows 7’s useful taskbar is great, but if you don’t like waiting for the thumbnails to show up when you hover your mouse over it a taskbar item, a simple registry hack will speed things up. More »

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How to Sync iPhone Notes to Your Gmail Account [IOS4]

It was previously impossible to easily synchronize your iPhone's notes between devices, but yesterday's iOS4 firmware update adds a feature capable of saving notes directly—and conveniently—to your Gmail account. More »

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Five Plants that Can Survive the Low Light of Your Cubicle [Plants]

Got an aching for some a little green life in your workspace or home, don’t have the natural light to support most plants, and don’t want to buy grow lights and look like a drug dealer? Try one of these five plants. More »

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OffMaps Downloads Maps for Offline On-the-Go Access [Downloads]

iPhone: OffMaps downloads regional maps for offline map access on your iPhone, great for finding your way when you don’t have a data connection or avoiding data roaming charges if you’re traveling abroad. More »


Jalapeno Keyfinder Retrieves Lost Serial Numbers [Downloads]

Windows: Jalapeno Keyfinder retrieves serial numbers for a variety of programs on your PC—and even for most versions of Windows—so it's not such a big deal next time you misplace your serial number and need to reinstall. More »

After the Deadline Improves Spelling and Grammar Checks in Chrome [Downloads]

Chrome: After The Deadline, a powerful spelling and grammar checking tool, has arrived as a Google Chrome extension with all its text-fixing powers intact. It catches typos and lazy writing, and allows you to customize rules for key phrases and web sites. More »

Textie for iPhone Sends Free Text Messages [IPhone Apps]

Textie is a free iPhone application that sends free text messages to email addresses, most cellphones, and other Textie users. Textie doesn’t dip into your monthly messaging plan, so it’s basically unlimited texting. More »

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