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Soft-Boil a Perfect Egg [Cooking]

We’ve shown you some great tricks for hard-boiling eggs over the years, now it’s time to hone your soft-boiling skills. Check out how to soft-boil a perfect egg. More »

Getting Started with Arduino Electronics Hacking [Electronics]

We often feature projects here, especially on the weekend, that require the magic of an Arduino processor. If you’ve put off a bookmarked project for lack of Arduino knowledge, now’s your chance to beef up. More »

Five Best iOS Newsreaders [Hive Five]

A portable and internet-connected device with a touch screen, especially a sizable one like the iPad, makes for a pretty slick platform for reading news. Here’s a look at the five most popular iOS newsreader apps. More »

Cartoonize Converts Photos into Cartoons [Image Editing]

While it’s not quite the same as hiring your own cartoonist, Cartoonize does a pretty decent job converting pictures into cartoon versions for those times you want to customize an avatar image or otherwise “cartoonize” a picture. More »

Add Google Docs to the Windows “New” Document Context Menu [Google Docs]

Windows: If you’re a heavy Google Docs user this hack will add Google document types as options right in your right-click context menu. More »

Practice Eye Contact to Generate “Reality Distortion Field” Charisma [Personal Development]

Some people, like Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs, have undeniable charisma that even their most ardent detractors are forced to acknowledge. Master the art of eye contact and personal space management to create your own “Reality Distortion Field” level charisma. More »

SimpleTask Manages and Syncs Your Tasks Between Your Mac and iPhone [Downloads]

Mac OS X/iOS: If you’re looking for a speedy and polished to-do list manager, SimpleTask offers a streamlined interface, easy editing, and Mac to iOS syncing. More »

Shortcut Manager Is a Powerful Custom Shortcut Builder for Chrome [Downloads]

Chrome: If you’ve ever been annoyed you couldn’t find an extension that had the perfect shortcut for the task you wanted, Shortcut Manager is the tool for you; build custom shortcuts that access browser functions and even call JavaScript. More »

Use a Blowtorch to Create a Distressed Desk Surface [Featured Workspace]

Just because you use cheap materials to make over your office doesn’t mean they have to end up looking cheap. This easy hack takes a cheap IKEA pine desktop and distresses it with a blowtorch for a great vintage look. More »

Bookmark Sentry Scans Your Chrome Bookmarks for Dead Links and Dupes [Downloads]

Chrome: Manually checking your bookmarks file is an extremely low priority for most people but it’s irritating to find out the link you need is dead. Bookmark Sentry scans your bookmarks and displays the dead links and dupes for easy deletion. More »

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