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Perian Adds Support for Nearly Any Media File on Macs [Video]

Mac only: Perian, a killer plug-in for QuickTime that transforms the media player into something nearly as universally usable as VLC, has a new version out that supports even more file types: WebM/VP8, compressed MKV files, and more lossless video formats. More » URL Shortener Adds Easier Copying, Better Dashboard Controls [URLs], the URL shortening service launched by Google in late 2010, isn’t quite as convenient to use as or its ilk, but it’s getting there. The service now offers easier clipboard copying, better control of recent links, and a pledge of low latency and consistency. More »

Boxcar for Mac Serves the Notifications You Want to Your Desktop [Downloads]

Mac OS X only: Boxcar is one of the essential iOS apps, as it can notify you about far more than just a new SMS. Boxcar for Mac, just out in beta, does the same thing for your desktop, pinging in for new Google Voice, Twitter replies or DMs, Reddit posts, Github committs—just about anything, really. More »

mSpot Ups Its Streaming Music Storage to 5 GB [In Brief]

mSpot, the stream-your-own-music service that covers Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, has raised the online storage for its free accounts to 5 GB. It is, of course, a challenge to Amazon’s Cloud Drive/Cloud Player debut, but mSpot does have more developed apps, both in uploading and mobile streaming, than Amazon at the moment. [mSpot] More »

Use NetNewsWire to Clean Out Your Starred Google Reader Items [Annoyances]

Adding a star to stuff you plan to get back to reading (honestly!) can lead to an intimidating backlog of no-longer-helpful items. Use NetNewsWire for Mac to wipe away all your stars at once, or warm up your fingers for a rapid-fire keyboard cleansing. More »

Rule Your Computer From Afar by Setting Up Wake-on-LAN [Video]

Wake-on-LAN isn’t a new technology, but with the increasing number of smartphones making their way to the market, it’s high time we looked at how you can make a home theater PC, or any hard-wired system in your house, wake up from anywhere with free tools and bit of tinkering. Here’s how to get started. More »

Skip the Organic Label for Onions and Avocados [Groceries]

When food is labeled “organic,” it’s a tricky thing to determine the meaning. But one thing to consider when shopping is skipping any kind of organic label for onions, avocados, and most other foods with a durable shell or peel. More »

Yap Is Free Voicemail Transcription That’s Super Easy to Set Up [Downloads]

Android/iOS: If having your voicemail transcribed, emailed, and available for visual review is the most appealing aspect of Google Voice, you might consider Yap Voicemail. It's free on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, it might do speech-to-text better than Google Voice, and pretty much anyone can set it up in 2 minutes. More »

Tax Write-Off “Cheats” That You Won’t Feel Too Guilty About [Tax Time]

Write off “business pet” expenses, deduct the costs of volunteering your time, and expense home improvements: a former IRS officer lists at Get Rich Slowly quite a few clever ways to “cheat” on your taxes. [Get Rich Slowly] More »

Zinc Is Probably the Most Effective Cold Treatment Known to Medicine [Illness]

The moment you’re semi-sure you’re getting a cold, get some zinc lozenges. That’s the result of a meta-analysis of 15 different scientific studies of the mineral, and cut the length of coughing and sneezing days by 40 percent. More »

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