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Chrome Cloud Print Extension Brings Print-at-Home Powers to Mac and Linux [Downloads]

Chrome only: It’s unofficial, and it only works when you’re looking at text, PDF, or .DOC files in your browser. But you’re a Mac or Linux Chrome user intrigued by the Windows and Android/iPhone print possibilities, this extension is for you. More »

Caramelize Onions in Half the Time [Food Hacks]

Soft, sweet, browned onions go great on burgers, among other dishes. But the time and know-how required are why dishes like French onion soup, and dip, aren’t made at home. Here’s how to get from raw to caramelized in just 20 minutes. More »

Our Biggest Android Annoyances and How to Fix Them [Annoyances]

We asked, and, boy, do our readers have some issues with their Android phones. Here’s a few of the biggest sticking points, how to fix them, and a few tiny-but-aggravating issues our commenters figured out on their own. More »

What’s Your Biggest Annoyance with Android (and How Did You Fix It)? [Ask The Readers]

Android is constantly improving, but Google's phone platform still hosts a few annoyances and not-quite-there features. We're wondering what your biggest issue with your phone is—and if you found an app or another fix to make it much better. More »

The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011 [Buying Guide]

Good things, and better prices, come to those who wait. Buy your furniture now, laptops in April, appliances in September, and make other better-timed purchases with our buying guide, and you’ll save a few bucks with off-season, inventory-moving prices. More »

FreeOCR Is a No-Hassle Scan-to-Text Converter for Windows [Downloads]

Windows only: Your scanner probably came with OCR software. Chances are, though, it’s both awkward and space-hogging. FreeOCR is an slim, efficient app that has just four main buttons, and performs well at converting scanned images and PDFs into edit-ready text. More »

Use the Option Key to Pull Up System Preferences on a MacBook [Mac OS X Tip]

From the files of the Total Mac Beginner Dept.: Some things on a Mac require System Preferences fiddling to fix—keyboard settings, Expose/Spaces, and so on. Press Option and the related function key, and up comes the related preferences. More »

RoboForm 7 Expands Password Management to Chrome and Opera [Updates]

Windows/Mac: RoboForm, a fairly popular all-in-one password manager, has updated to a version 7 that includes support for Chrome and Opera (10) browsers, adds bookmark syncing, improves and clarifies its interface, and offers multiple login management. More »

Dolby Setup Guide Fine-Tunes Your Simple or Serious Home Theater [Home Theater]

Just because you’ve only got two speakers and a subwoofer doesn’t mean you should just place the speakers wherever there’s space. Audio firm Dolby offers an interactive app that shows the best speaker setups, angles, and distances for your living room. More »

Steer Your Way Through a Slippery Snow Drive [Winter]

If snow hits your streets and you’re not used to it, your first slide can be terrifying. Here’s what to do if you find yourself thrown off your course by the slick white stuff: steer where you’re going, and don’t brake hard. More »

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