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Steer Your Way Through a Slippery Snow Drive [Winter]

If snow hits your streets and you’re not used to it, your first slide can be terrifying. Here’s what to do if you find yourself thrown off your course by the slick white stuff: steer where you’re going, and don’t brake hard. More »

360 Web Browser Adds Firefox Sync and Download Management to iPhones [Video]

iOS only: 360 Web Browser isn’t the first Safari alternative for Apple devices, but it is unique for what it offers. Flash clip conversion, Firefox Sync compatibility, a circular menu around finger presses, and much better management of browser downloads. More »

VirtualBox 4.0 Simplifies Virtual Operating System Management, Adds Extensions [Downloads]

Windows/Mac/Linux: VirtualBox 4.0 makes creating virtual operating systems a lot less bothersome. The interface is easier to get around, the virtual machines easier to move or wipe away, display and hardware compatibility is improved, and new “extensions” can add new capabilities. More »

Hidden Finds Your MacBook and Snaps the Thief [Video]

Mac OS X only: That new MacBook Air? It’s easy for a thief to hoist. Install theft tracking solution Hidden and you’ll know your MacBook’s coordinates, screenshots, webcam pictures, and other incriminating data. (Update: a “free until January” offer was pulled early). More »

Google Wave Gadgets Get a Second Life as Google Shared Spaces [Collaboration]

One of the neatest features in the discontinued-but-alive Google Wave was its collection of gadgets and extensions. Many of those gadgets live on in Google’s new Shared Spaces, where you can invite others to contribute, vote, and collaborate on the web. More »

“How Should I Call?” Flowchart Explains Your Overseas Cellphone and Skype Options [Flowchart]

Heading over to Europe or other parts abroad? There are a lot of firms waiting to charge you exorbitant rates. Unless you know how to get a rented SIM or use Skype in all the right places, as this flowchart explains. More »

Why You Should Use Google Apps with a Personal Domain Instead of Your Gmail Account [Video]

When it launched, millions of us grabbed free Gmail addresses, and associated Calendar, Docs, Voice, and other apps followed. But personal domains are cheap, and claiming an address to use with Google Apps is easier than ever. Here’s why you should. More »

Talktatone Makes Free Google Voice/Gmail VoIP Calls on Your iPhone [VoIP]

iOS only: Gmail users can make free Google Voice calls, but why should they have all the fun? Talkatone sets up free VoIP calls, over 3G or Wi-Fi, from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad through Google Voice for free. More »

Weather Strip, Seal, and Curtain Your Windows for Winter Savings [Winter]

High-efficiency furnaces and programmable thermostats can’t help you much if winter seeps in everywhere there’s a view. Luckily, Wired’s How-To Wiki offers a 101 course in weatherproofing your windows. Surprisingly, it actually recommends those hair-dryer-applied plastic window sheets. More »

Google eBookstore Opens with 3 Million Titles, Free Android and iOS Reader Apps [Ebooks]

Google’s thrown open the doors to an online bookstore stocked with over 3 million titles, which you can store and read in the cloud as if they were Gmail messages. Google’s also offering free reading apps for Android and iOS devices. More »

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