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Re-Enable Web Apps in Chrome 8 [Webapps]

Now that Chrome version 8 has hit the standard Stable channels, it's possible for anyone to peek at the early web app style that will come with Chrome's Web Store—once again. Just as before, right-click on a shortcut to Chrome, hit Properties, then edit its shortcut target to add --enable-default-apps on Windows. Mac and Linux users, Google Operating System has the command line switch you’ll need. What Chrome webapps are you most looking forward to seeing made official? [Google Operating System] More »

Back Up and Move VirtualBox Machines with an XML File Edit [VirtualBox]

VirtualBox is surprisingly easy to use for creating an OS-inside-an-OS, unless you have to move or back up your huge VDI machine files. You can avoid non-starting machines, however, with an XML file tweak. More »

Change Two Settings to Speed Up Photoshop [Photoshop Tip]

Just because a setting is tucked away doesn’t mean it can’t make a big difference. Many Photoshop veterans, for instance, are discovering that cutting out Cache Levels and Image Previews can make the photo editing beast a bit more agile. More »

Switch is a Smart Multi-User Browser for iPads [Downloads]

iPad only: The iPad is a device destined to be handed over to friends and passed among family members, but there are no user accounts or variable browser settings. Enter Switch, a clever browser that allows user accounts and anonymous guest browsing. More »

AirPrint Hacktivator Automatically Enables iOS Air Printing [Downloads]

Mac OS X 10.6.5 only: The latest OS X and iOS updates were supposed to enabling Air Printing, or printing from iPad/iPhone/iPod devices, but support was dropped along the beta path. We found a manual work-around, but this small download is easier. More »

Free Alternatives to the Departing GOOG-411 [Free]

Google got all the pronunciations, accents, and business names out of its free 1-800-GOOG-411 service it needed to power its voice recognition, so it’s shutting down today. But please, please don't ever pay for 411—use these services instead. More »

Touchscreen-Friendly Agloves Keep Your Phone-Wielding Hands in Warmth [Stuff We Like]

Winter's coming, and with it comes OTD, the Outdoor Touchscreen Dilemma—is it worth taking your gloves off to send a text message? Agloves look like a nice meeting point between warmth, non-geeky looks, and finger-to-screen conductivity. More »

Fit Finder Matches Men to Their Perfect Shirt [Measurements]

Everybody has that one shirt—it looks good and, more importantly, fits perfectly. Use that shirt to find other great-fitting tops with Fit Finder, an impressively detailed database and webapp. More »

Grab iPhone-Mounting Application Phone Disk Free Through Dec. 1 [Dealhacker]

Windows/Mac: Phone Disk mounts an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad natively in Windows or Mac OS X, just like a removable USB drive. The developers have extended a free download period until Dec. 1, so snag it sooner rather than later. More »

Make Sudo Work Like Ubuntu on Other Linux Systems [Linux Tip]

If you’ve never had the chance to use sudo to fire off a higher-level command, you’re missing out (and maybe missing the jokes). Here’s how to set up an easy-to-usesudo on Fedora, Debian, and other Linux distributions. More »

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