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Google Adds Superstars, Nested Labels, and Advanced IMAP Controls to Gmail’s Settings [In Brief]

Three of our favorite Gmail Labs features have graduated and moved on to out-of-the-box Gmail. Superstars lets you assign different levels of stars to an email, making a killer to-do list based on priority; nested labels creates labels within labels, so you can organize your mail by sub-categories; and if you use a desktop mail client, you can now adjust which labels show up in your client and which don’t. The Google Search Box lab has been removed altogether, since there’s already a “Search the Web” button in Gmail. All features are available from Gmails’ Settings page. Hit the link to read more. [Official Gmail Blog] More »

Sparrow Adds Priority Inbox, IMAP Support to Its Minimalist Email Client [Updates]

Mac only: Sparrow, the super-integrated, minimalist Gmail client for Mac, has just updated to include Priority Inbox support, multitouch gestures, IMAP support (so you can take advantage of its minimalist interface with any email service), and even a free trial version. More »

Find Out Why Gmail’s Priority Inbox Marked That Message as Important [Gmail Tip]

We’ve been fans of Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature ever since it launched, but it was sometimes hard to tell why Gmail marked a message as important. It turns out, you don’t even need to leave the inbox view to find out. More »

Add a Second Priority Inbox to Gmail for Your Most Important Contacts [Gmail Tip]

We’ve shown you a few ways to make the best of Gmail’s priority inbox, but blogger and venture capitalist Fred Wilson reminds us of another lesser-known feature: You can actually add a fourth pane to your inbox view for any extra labels you may want. More »

Top 10 Gmail Labs You Should Enable [Lifehacker Top 10]

As if Gmail wasn’t powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favorite labs to help increase your email productivity. More »

Talktatone Makes Free Google Voice/Gmail VoIP Calls on Your iPhone [VoIP]

iOS only: Gmail users can make free Google Voice calls, but why should they have all the fun? Talkatone sets up free VoIP calls, over 3G or Wi-Fi, from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad through Google Voice for free. More »

Use Google Contacts as a Unified Address Book [How To]

Your contacts are often scattered across multiple email accounts and social sites. Here’s how to seamlessly combine them all by using Google Contacts as your unified address book. More »

Keep Your “Waiting For Response” Emails Visible so You Don’t Forget Them [Gmail Tip]

If you’ve ever sent an email and waited eons for a reply, only to forget you even sent the email in the first place, here’s a simple Gmail trick to keep track of important sent messages you need to remember. More »

How to Migrate Your Entire Google Account to a New One [Data]

Whether you finally decided to shed for a more professional handle or you want to swap Google accounts for less embarrassing reasons, Google doesn’t have a built-in system for migrating your data to a new account. So we figured it out. More »

Try Out Three Early Web Apps from the Chrome Web Store Now [Webapps]

Google’s Chrome Web Store is unveiled, but not yet released. If you’re running the latest Chrome Dev version or Chromium, though, you can check out the early versions of the Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar apps, as if from the Store. More »

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