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ShairPort Turns Your Computer into an AirPlay Destination [Airplay]

Developer and hardware hacker James Laird reverse engineered Apple’s AirPort Express and packaged the important bits into a Perl script that turns your computer into an AirPlay destination. More »

How to Break Into a Mac (And Prevent It from Happening to You) [Passwords]

We recently went through a few ways to break into a Windows PC without the password, and it turns out it’s just as easy to break into a Mac too. Here’s how to do it and keep yourself protected. More »

Use JailbreakMe to One-Click Jailbreak Your iOS 4.x Device [Jailbreak]

If you’ve chalked jailbreaking your iOS device up as too complicated JailbreakMe is for you. Simply visit JailbreakMe with your iOS device’s browser and enjoy hassle free one-click jailbreaking. More »

Jailbreak Matrix Matches Your iOS Device to the Right Jailbreak Tool [Jailbreak]

Confused on what you need to jailbreak your iOS device? Whether you’ve got a brand new iPad or a first-generation iPod Touch, Jailbreak Matrix dishes the dirt on what you need to jailbreak your device. More »

Set Up a Super Simple Evaporative Cooler for Immediate Heat Relief [Heat Hacks]

If temperatures have spiked in your locale—as they have in many areas of the country—you might be looking for a quick fix to cool off faster. Set up a super basic evaporative cooler for a free and simple cooling solution. More »

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A Beginner’s Guide to Overclocking Your Intel Processor [How-to]

If you want to squeeze every last ounce of processing power out of your new computer or aging system, overclocking is a great—if slightly nerve-racking—option. Here are some simple guidelines for safely overclocking your CPU. More »

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Use a Cheap Bracelet to Fix Your iPhone 4 Signal Woes [IPhone]

You’ve got a new iPhone 4, but you’re a bit blue because apparently you’ve been holding phones wrong your whole life. No need to buy an expensive case to fix your phone-holding habits and weak-signal woes. Fix it with a cheap bracelet. More »

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John Dillinger’s fake escape pistol


I have often opined that truly creative problem solving comes from limiting one’s options, rather than expanding them. Which is why prisoner’s inventions fascinate me so much. (If you’ve not had a chance to browse Angelo’s Prisoners’ Inventions book, BTW, I highly recommend it–it’s not about shivs or improvised weapons, but about how prisoners make game pieces, heat water, control the climate in their cells, etc., etc. using only the odds and ends they are permitted by, or can slip past the attention of, the state.) Compare an object like this prop handgun, which was reportedly used by John Dillinger in his escape from the Crown Point, Indiana Jail in 1934, to, say, a modern-day toothbrush handle, or a Nike sneaker, designed by a professional working with a CAD-CAM system, industrial machine tooling, and a smorgasboard of rainbow-colored polymers and elastomers, most of which add no functional value at all, and are employed just to make a product stand out from competitors on the shelf. Granted, an escaping prisoner and a product designer have wildly different goals, but if asked “who is doing more creative, original problem-solving,” I know how I’d answer. [via Boing Boing]


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Stop Picasa from Filling Your Hard Disk with Unwanted Screenshots [Picasa]

Picasa is a great photo manager with loads of features and a very high ease-of-use factor. If you regularly take screenshots however, you've likely noticed an annoying "feature"—a disk-gobbling screenshot function you can't turn off. Let's fix that. More »

Hacking the Kindle DX to add Bluetooth


Griffin I’Net has a nice story with pictures about hacking a Kindle DX to add Bluetooth support! [via RuutAckses]

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