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MPlayerX Is a Powerful, Intuitive Video Player for Mac that Almost Puts VLC to Shame [Download Of The Day]

Mac OS X only: If you’re tired of QuickTime X’s minimal approach to features or VLC’s clunky, not-so-pretty interface, free app MPlayerX brings a smooth, easy-to-use player to OS X with support for multiple video formats. More »

Back Up and Move VirtualBox Machines with an XML File Edit [VirtualBox]

VirtualBox is surprisingly easy to use for creating an OS-inside-an-OS, unless you have to move or back up your huge VDI machine files. You can avoid non-starting machines, however, with an XML file tweak. More »

An Easier Way to Set Up Time Machine to Back Up to a Networked Windows Computer [Step By Step]

Last week I detailed how to set up Time Machine backups to a networked Windows computer that required a lot of somewhat complicated Terminal work. Here’s a much easier shell script that’ll do the trick nicely. More »

What’s the Best Way to Safely Store Terabytes of Data on the Cheap? [Ask The Readers]

Individual hard drives are becoming ridiculously cheap, but as they pile up to create massive storage arrays the cost gets pretty massive as well. What’s your best bet for storing huge amounts of data affordably? More »

Replace a Dead iPod Hard Drive with a Compact Flash Card [DIY]

If the hard drive on your iPod video bit the dust, you can replace the old platter-based drive with a compact flash drive for lighter, faster, drop-proof music and media playback. More »

Steam Mover Relocates Applications to Free Up Space on Your Primary Drive [Downloads]

Windows only: If your primary hard drive just isn't large enough to hold all the software you need on a day-to-day basis, then Steam Mover is the perfect tool for the job—assuming you have another storage drive handy. More »

Convert EXT2 or EXT3 to EXT4 Without Reformatting Your Hard Drive [Linux]

If you’ve been running Linux for a while, you’re probably using the now slightly-outdated EXT2 or EXT3 file system. Technology blog Ghacks has a guide to converting those formats to the newer, faster, EXT4 without doing a clean install. More »

Phone Disk Mounts iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad as USB Disks in Finder [Downloads]

Mac only: iPhone users have been able to browse the contents of their device using apps like previously mentioned iPhone Explorer for awhile, but Phone Disk integrates it with OS X, mounting your iPhone in the Finder instead of a separate app. More »

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Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD [Step By Step]

Plenty of utilities can recover deleted files, but what if you can’t boot your computer, or the whole drive has been formatted? Here’s how to dig deep and recover the most elusive deleted files, or even whole partitions. More »

Top 10 Hard Drive Upgrades and Fixes [Lifehacker Top 10]

You should never feel like your hard drive is holding out on you. Anyone should be able to back up, recover files, boot multiple systems, upgrade, or otherwise improve their storage space. These tips explain the possibilities and procedures. More »

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