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FlashCam Puts a Camera Shortcut, Flashlight Button on Your iOS Lock Screen [IPhone Downloads]

iOS (Jailbroken): FlashCam sticks two extra buttons on your iOS lock screen that give you quick access to your camera and an LED flashlight. More »

FlashCam Puts a Camera Shortcut, Flashlight Button on Your iOS Lock Screen [IPhone Downloads]

iOS (Jailbroken): FlashCam sticks two extra buttons on your iOS lock screen that give you quick access to your camera and an LED flashlight. More »

AirMusic Streams Your iPhone’s Music Library to Your Xbox, PS3, and More [App Of The Day]

iOS: AirPlay is great if you have a Mac or an AppleTV, but if you want your iPhone’s music on other devices you’re out of luck. AirMusic solves that problem by serving up your iPhone’s library on DLNA-compliant devices like the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as some TVs and set top boxes. You can even stream to Windows Media Player. More »

EasySign Mobile Lets You Sign and Send Documents On Your iPhone, Print-Free [App Of The Day]

We probably don’t have to explain why signing and faxing documents is a tedious process for people for people without a fax machine, and even for those with one, so the ability to sign digitally is really useful. EasySign Mobile is an app that takes all the work out of signing documents by letting you do it directly from any iOS device. More »

Picturescue Recovers iPhone Photos from iTunes Backup Files [Download Of The Day]

Mac OS X: Picturescue is a tiny app that quickly finds any and all images stored in old iTunes backup files, which are made whenever an iPhone or other iOS device is synced with with its “home” computer. The full version of the app is available for $4.99 and allows the user to export some or all of the photos found, while a trial version allows viewing of the images but not export. More »

Top 10 Ways iOS Outdoes Android [Lifehacker Top 10]

We love both mobile operating systems and their corresponding devices, but just like Android has its many advantages so does iOS. Here are our favorite parts of iOS that outdo their Android counterparts. More »

iPhone 4S Arriving This Fall With More Carriers?

Apple’s next iPhone will be called the 4S, and won’t offer much beyond minor cosmetic changes, better front and back cameras, an A5 dual-core processor and HSPA+ support, according to Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek (via Forbes ). The information comes from industry checks performed by the investment banking firm.

Apple is also likely to announce Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile as new carrier partners, according to Misek’s research note. T-Mobile expansion is already expected if the AT&T / T-Mobile merger goes through. The addition of Sprint would mean Apple’s reach would extend to all major U.S. carriers, and China Mobile signing on would mean that the iPhone would become available to over 600 million potential subscribers.

While analyst expectations are not always the most dependable source of information, this report is in keeping with what we’ve been hearing about Apple’s next iPhone revision. Rumors abound that we won’t see any new hardware introduced at WWDC this June, and fall has been widely cited as the most likely candidate for an iPhone update. The iPhone “4s” name has also surfaced before, back in April when it was used to describe a prototype handset being circulated by Apple among developers with an A5 chip for use in creating next-gen games. Supplier checks also often reveal clues about future Apple products, since the third-party supply chain isn’t as easily guarded as Apple itself.

Misek also claims that LTE chipsets from Qualcomm aren’t yet ready for mass production of the next iPhone, so we won’t see LTE support in the next hardware revision.

Take this report with a grain of salt, but if Apple decides to repeat what it did with the iPhone 3G and 3GS with the iPhone 4 and its successor, this does match with what I’d expect to see from a hardware update. What do you think about this latest next-gen iPhone rumor?

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TripLingo Teaches You Foreign Language Phrases You’ll Actually Need When Traveling [Downloads]

iPhone: If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t speak your language and you want to be able to communicate without dedicating most of your free time to learning the language, TripLingo can help. It’s an iOS app that teaches you useful phrases you’ll actually need when traveling, and you can learn different variations so you can speak formally, casually, or like one of the cool kids. More »

Getting Your Stuff Off of Your iPhone

There will come a time when you realize that you want to get something off of your iPhone, and yet you don’t have access to the Mac your normally sync with, or your Mac’s hard drive has failed. That’s when getting information off of your iPhone can become a daunting task. Here are a few different ways to recover different types of data from your iPhone.

iPhone Photo Library

The good news is that you can access the iPhone photos you’ve taken from any Mac (and not just the one you sync with) using the OS X Image Capture app. In fact, you can even use the iPad Camera Adapter.  The iPhone itself will look like any other camera that you connect to either your Mac or your iPad. You also even use iPhoto or Aperture directly to perform the transfer. Some of the techniques outlined below can also be used to directly copy image files off of the iPhone when importing from iPhoto fails.Image Capture

iPod Music Files

Ever since the arrival of the iPod, there have been ways to extract music from your Apple device. These same utilities are still applicable to the iPhone. The tricky part is that the files and directory structure are not represented in human friendly text. There is a database file that Apple uses to translate the gibberish back into the artist, album, song format you are familiar with.  Many of the free solutions like Macroplant’s iPhone Explorer, will allow you to copy the music files directly from the iPhone to your Mac in the nonsense naming format they are in on the iPhone.

iPhone ExplorerSo long as you have iTunes configured to “Copy  files to your iTunes Media folder”, as well as to “Keep iTunes Media File organized”, then the file names will all be restored once you have imported the music back into your iTunes Library.  It will retrieve the names of the artist, album and song from the ID3v2 tag embedded in the music file.

iTunes Preferences

Other free solutions like HeadLightSoft’s DeTune (formerly know as expod) will perform the translation before you transfer the files. There are other paid solutions like FadingRed’s Senuti for $18.99, which are also quite good at what they do. But for the money, DeTunes offers a more than adequate solution if all you want to do is recover your device-locked music.


iOS App Data and More

Sometimes you may have to get app and data regarding iPhone usage from your phone to your computer outside of iTunes. While you can use Macroplant’s iPhone Explorer to perform this task, I have found that their Pod to Mac product for $19.95 delivers more value.  Also in this category, and my personal preference is Ecamm’s PhoneView also for $19.95. Both Pod to Mac and PhoneView offer a way to access SMS Messages, VoiceMail, Call History, Contacts, and Calendar information.  They also offer solutions to access your Photos, Media Files and even the locally stored files for each app you have installed.


Secret Location Data

There has been a lot of press regarding the storage of location information in the consolidated.db file on your iPhone. Apple recently revealed that it actually provides a database of cell and Wi-Fi tower locations in and around where you use your device, but the info is still interesting. While not part of a formal product offering, there is a crude yet effective tool called iPhone Tracker on GitHub that lets you see it.

iPhone Tracker

Extract From Backup

Sometimes something has happened to your iPhone and you need to extract a file from your iPhone backups. This includes accessing any photos you had on your iPhone at the time of your last backup. There are two utilities that I use to perform this task, SuperCrazyAwesome’s iPhone Backup Extractor which is a free utility, and addPod’s Juice Phone, also free.  Neither solution will work if you have encrypted your backup files. Both allow you to access the backed up data as if the iPhone was connected to your Mac.

Juice Phone

So until Apple comes up with a solid cloud-based solution for iOS products, the fact remains that all iOS devices are just satellites to their Mac hosts.  And so long as you need to sync between your Mac and your iOS device, there is a chance that either your Mac will fail, or your iOS device will fail.  The above solutions will have you covered until Apple comes up with a better solution of its own.

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Prompt Is an Elegant and Feature-Rich SSH Client for Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch [Downloads]

iOS: Prompt is an excellent SSH client for iOS, providing you with an elegant interface and several great features (like SSH-specific autocomplete) so using the command line on your iDevice is actually a pleasant experience. More »

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