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EasySign Mobile Lets You Sign and Send Documents On Your iPhone, Print-Free [App Of The Day]

We probably don’t have to explain why signing and faxing documents is a tedious process for people for people without a fax machine, and even for those with one, so the ability to sign digitally is really useful. EasySign Mobile is an app that takes all the work out of signing documents by letting you do it directly from any iOS device. More »

Sign-N-Send Lets You Sign and Email Documents from Your iOS Device [Video]

iOS: Sign-N-Send is a helpful app that lets you sign documents (whether a PDF or an image) directly on the screen of your iOS device, allowing you to send it off by email or print it when you’re finished. More »

FreeOCR Is a No-Hassle Scan-to-Text Converter for Windows [Downloads]

Windows only: Your scanner probably came with OCR software. Chances are, though, it’s both awkward and space-hogging. FreeOCR is an slim, efficient app that has just four main buttons, and performs well at converting scanned images and PDFs into edit-ready text. More »

PDF Rider Extracts, Merges, and Decrypts PDF Files [Downloads]

Windows: PDF Rider is a simple but effective tool for merging and splitting PDF files, extracting and inserting pages, and performing other PDF manipulations. More »

iOS 4.0.2 Update Kills JailbreakMe and PDF Exploits [Updates]

Apple’s released updates for iPhones, iPod touch models, and iPads that closes a nasty PDF-based exploit. That same exploit is what made one-click jailbreaking possible, of course, so upgrade if you’d like a sanctioned, secure, warranty-stable model, or hold off for future work-arounds. More »

The Web Book is a Free Beginner’s Resource for DIY Site Building [Web Development]

Opening a browser and loading a web site you built yourself is a great moment. If you or someone you know needs some help getting to that point, The Web Book is a free, roughly 300-page PDF resource of DIY web building. More »

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Quick Tip: Send PDFs to iTunes for iBooks Syncing

Getting PDFs into iTunes to sync them with iBooks on your device can be a bit of a chore. But by using the method below, you can send any document or even web page straight to the Books section of iTunes for syncing with ease.

To get iTunes ready is simple. All you have to do is open your Applications folder, and make an alias of iTunes by control-clicking its icon and selecting ‘Make Alias’. Now drag your newly-created alias and drop it in [Your Home folder] ? Library ? PDF Services. What this does is adds iTunes as an option when you select the PDF button in a Print dialog.

At the moment when you click PDF under Print, it’s going to say ‘iTunes alias’, which isn’t very informative. Rename your iTunes alias in the Finder to something along the lines of ‘Send PDF to iTunes’ or ‘Add PDF to iTunes’ and the menu item in the Pront dialog should update next time you open it.

Now whenever you have a document or web page open that you’d like to read in iBooks, all you have to do is go to File ? Print, then click the PDF button in the lower left and choose your menu item for iTunes. The document will be saved as a PDF and sent straight into the Books section of your iTunes library.

This method works for any application that can open PDF files, not just iTunes.

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Apple’s iOS 4 Manual Explains the Nitty-Gritty of the New OS [Manuals]

Are you the person to whom all the questions will fall when your friends and relatives upgrade to iOS 4? Turn them over to Apple, which has upgraded its manuals section to include the iOS 4 updates for iPhones and the iPod touch (both direct PDF links). They’re direct, (mostly) explanatory, and, best of all, can be searched for the answers to particular problems, giving your troubleshooting brain a little break. [Apple via TUAW] More »


Add PDFs to Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox [IBooks]

With the latest iTunes update, PDF files can be added to your iBooks reading collection through an iTunes sync. As the Simple Help blog points out, though, you can also just drop PDFs into your Dropbox space and add them from there. More »


Free Getting Started with Ubuntu Manual Helps Out Linux Rookies [Ebook]

Numerous commenters and emailers have written in to recommend that both newcomers to Ubuntu and those looking for a particular fix check out Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04, the first in a planned series of community-edited manuals that will accompany each successive Ubuntu release. It covers all the new stuff in Ubuntu 10.04, the basics of setting up multimedia access and the apps you want, and a lot more, and it looks pretty darned nice for a Linux manual. It’s a free PDF that should work on most e-book readers. [Ubuntu Manual] More »

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