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Compare the Cost and Time of Driving Versus Flying for Your Next Trip [Saving Money]

With both gas and airline ticket prices skyrocketing, it may be hard to tell whether driving or flying is the better value (in terms of both money and time). This “Fly or Drive Calculator” can help you wisely plan your next trip. More »

TripLingo Teaches You Foreign Language Phrases You’ll Actually Need When Traveling [Downloads]

iPhone: If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t speak your language and you want to be able to communicate without dedicating most of your free time to learning the language, TripLingo can help. It’s an iOS app that teaches you useful phrases you’ll actually need when traveling, and you can learn different variations so you can speak formally, casually, or like one of the cool kids. More »

Five Best Cheap Travel Booking Sites [Hive Five]

If you’re thinking about getting away from home for a little vacation, or you’re planning a big summer trip for you and the family, odds are you’re not interested in breaking the bank in the process. Let’s look at the five sites you voted as the best to find bargains when shopping for cheap airfare, discounted hotel rooms, and affordable rental cars. More »

Hipmunk Flight Search Brings the Excellent Webapp to iOS [Downloads]

We’ve taken a look at the Hipmunk webapp before and found it to be one of the most usable and agony-free flight searches on the web. Today they’ve brought that same search to iOS with some smart features. More »

InvisibleHand Alerts You When It Finds Cheaper Airfare [Downloads]

Browser extension InvisibleHand has long been great at subtly showing you the best prices for product searches, but now it can suggest cheaper alternatives when searching for airfare as well. More »

“How Should I Call?” Flowchart Explains Your Overseas Cellphone and Skype Options [Flowchart]

Heading over to Europe or other parts abroad? There are a lot of firms waiting to charge you exorbitant rates. Unless you know how to get a rented SIM or use Skype in all the right places, as this flowchart explains. More »

How to Take Better Vacation Photos [Photography]

It can be very tempting to snap a photo of everything that happens on your vacation, but you might be better served by thinking of your trip as a story and carefully selecting the most interesting moments to capture. More »

Get More from Your Frequent Flyer Miles [Frequent Flyer]

You may not consider yourself a “gamer,” but if you’ve watched your frequent flyer miles climb higher as you eagerly awaited redeeming them, you’re engrossed in some real-life game mechanics. Here’s how to get the most out of those miles. More »

Use the iPhone’s Airplane Mode to Send Staggered, Pre-Written Text Messages [Text Messaging]

If you’re in a situation where you want to share updates quickly via text message but you don’t want to take your eyes off the road, you can trick your iPhone into sending pre-written text messages with the help of Airplane Mode. More »

Plan Your Travel Between October 1 and December 15, April 15 and June 1 to Save [Travel]

It’s no secret that you can get great deals booking your travel in the off-peak travel seasons. So what’s considered off-peak? According to American Express’ Get Currency blog, that’s between October 1 and December 15 or April 15 to June 1. That seems a broad stroke to us, and it’s definitely not the case over Thanksgiving in the U.S. It’s also worth keeping in mind that “off-season” also varies greatly by destination. Our frequent flier’s guide to finding cheap airfare offers a more detailed look into planning travel on-the-cheap, and if you’re really flexible on location and date, we’d highly recommend giving Kayak Explore a spin. More »

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