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Enabling ACL supoprt on Tru64 (OSF)

ACL processing is enabled and disabled dynamically using the sysconfig utility or the secconfig menu. To enable ACL processing dynamically using the sysconfig command, enter the following:

# sysconfig -r sec acl_mode=enable

To disable ACL processing dynamically using the sysconfig command, enter the following:

# sysconfig -r sec acl_mode=disable

To view the current ACL processing mode using the sysconfig command, enter the following:

# sysconfig -q sec

To have ACLs enabled automatically as part of system startup, create a stanza file containing the ACL mode enable entry, for example:

acl_mode = enable

Then use sysconfigdb to add it to the /etc/sysconfigtab file:

# sysconfigdb -m -f acl_mode.stanza sec

On subsequent reboots, ACL processing is enabled automatically.


Bad luck

Last week we were scheduled to have a siding replacement on our ranch house. Unfortunately contractor call and tell us that the siding we choose is not available at warehouse while the computer system indicates otherwise. So we have to wait another week till it gets here.

Well, next week (today), I got to know that delivery for a double sink for our bathroom will be delayed too. And the reason for this, Read more »

Compiling on SuSE 10+ (glibc detected invalid pointer during free)

I was trying compile code on SuSE 10.1 and get following error:

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x081c80f0 ***

The solution to move forward is to disable a new feature of GLIBC to verify pointers before free the memory. There is an environment variable MALLOC_CHECK_ that has following recognizable values:

0 — Do not generate an error message, and do not kill the program
1 — Generate an error message, but do not kill the program
2 — Do not generate an error message, but kill the program
3 — Generate an error message and kill the program


Calling SOAP API from UNIX Shell

Sometime a UNIX shell is a best choice to have a quick clean solution. However sometimes it is luck the flexibility and APIs to work with latest technologies.

Recently I was asked to write a small UNIX application and one of the requirements was to update MS SQL database table with status value. i didn’t want to install additional packages on UNIX server to achieve direct access to MS SQL server, but rather to use a minimal tools.

I decided to use SOAP as a transport layer between UNIX and MS SQL server. On UNIX machine I install wget. Make sure you install wget with at least version 1.10.2!!!

On Windows machine I create a simple Web Service application using ASP.NET that will access the database using native driver.

Now, to send a request I will create an XML file with SOAP envelop:

cat > $RQXML <<End
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soap12:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""  xmlns:xsd=""  xmlns:soap12="">   <soap12:Body>     <SetStatus xmlns="">       <FormID>${FORM_ID}</FormID>       <Status>${ITEM}</Status>     </SetStatus>   </soap12:Body> </soap12:Envelope> End

Then we will send request to web service using wget:

if ! /usr/local/bin/wget -q -O $OUTPUT --post-file=$RQXML        --header="Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8" ${URL} then   # failre here   return 0 fi

The important part of this line is —-header=”Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8″. It will indicate that the stream is an XML data. The reply from server will be stored into ${OUTPUT} which you can parse later for results.

Writing multi-process application in UNIX-Shell

Sometimes you need to improve performance of an application where UNIX shell script need to start a several process. The solution below can help you if application logic allows to run them in parallel, and application will not advance to the next step till all started processes are finished.

The solution have two parts. First part is to start processes simultaneously:

totalProc=4 idx=0  while [[ $idx -lt $totalProc ]] do   # will wait for each OS   if [[ ${CHILDS[$idx]} -gt 2 ]]   then     # starting child process     ${executable name} 2>&1 > ${logname}.log &     CHILDS[$idx]=$!   fi   idx=$(( $idx + 1 )) done

Next step is to wait till child processes are finished:

idx=0 while [[ $idx -lt $totalProc ]] do   # will wait for each OS   if [[ ${CHILDS[$idx]} -gt 2 ]]   then     echo "===================== waiting for ${CHILDS[$idx]}"     PID=${CHILDS[$idx]}     wait $PID     CHILDS[$idx]=$?     if [[ ${CHILDS[$idx]} -ne 0 ]]     then       # process failed     else       # process finished     fi   fi   idx=$((idx+1)) done

This script will wait for all children processes one by one in order they were created.

How can I get my personal “Contact Me” link?

Personal Links are added into your Personal Account Page. Now you can see following Links Section when you logged into your account. If you want to add your link to the article or any other html page just click on “Copy to clipboard” link. After that press + to insert this link into your article or any other html code….

9th Workuba 2007 (International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop)

“9th Workuba 2007″ – Buenos Aires, Argentina International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop September 8 – September 22, 2007 Organized by: Tedancari (“Teatro Danza la Caridad”) Location: “Danzario-Americano” Cultural Center – Guardia Vieja 3559, Abasto neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Workuba brings together the various dances of the Americas that have their roots in traditional African rhythms and dance, and blends these influences …

Dance Programs

Visit to find dance related applications (dance management system which stores all info about your choreography, or Competition Management system which stores and Competition and Adjudicator info and can calculate average results per Adjudicator per dance etc.)

How can I edit my profile?

To Edit your profile, you need to login to your account. Click “Update” link on “My Profile” (bottom of the right column) and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can configure your profile. After you finish with editing your profile press “Save Changes” button. That’s it.

How to leave my “Contact Me” form in the forum?

Please have your “Contact Me” link ready (see How to get Contact Me link ). To use Contact Me link in the forum, your need: 1. Type Contact Me text there. 2. Use mouse to highlight this text. 3. Click on the “URL link” button (very right button above) 4. Insert your link into the opened window and click on “OK” button. That’s it. Enjoy!…

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