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Never reboot a system for stall NFS

This was copied from VentureCake. I keep it here because this is useful information and would be handy.

At some point every Linux admin has had a problem with a computer using a hard-mounted NFS export, where the connecton to the server has been lost – perhaps the network had a problem or the server went down. Any processes which check the status of filesystems – df, rpm, etc. – will hang, waiting on the storage to respond. Next time, you’ll want to mount using the intr option (not soft – see the Linux NFS FAQ). This time, run:

killall -KILL rpciod

rpciod (the kernel process that handles NFS IO), will instantly respawn, sending errors to processes waiting for NFS IO, causing them to respond. If you’re mounting exports from multiple NFS servers and only wish to time out a single connection, you can do so with:

iptables -A OUTPUT -d nfsserver -j REJECT

Within about a minute, the NFS client will decide the server is unreachable. Again, the processes start responding.

You can now unmount the NFS server. No need to reboot.

Benefit: No need to reboot when an NFS mount fails.
Works in: any Linux.
Drawbacks: You can’t disable an individual NFS export, just all the exports from A particular NFS server. Still beats rebooting though.

BGT WINNER sequence + Paul Potts high quality video/soundYouTube :: Most Viewed Videos – Today

Announcement of the winner on the UK talent Show “Britain’s Got Talent” broadcast on ITV. Check their website at:


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BGT FINAL -Paul Potts high quality video/soundYouTube :: Most Viewed Videos – Today

Paul Potts performance in the final of UK talent show “Britains Got Talent” as broadcast on ITV1. Check their website: talent.itv.com

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