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Firefox Quick Tip: Convert Greasemonkey Scripts to Add-onsLifeSpy

GreasemonkeyI have to admit that it took me a while to install Greasemonkey with my Firefox just because I like to keep things simple. I’m a minimalist of sorts. Still, finally getting around installing opened new doors for me and installing a few scripts streamlined my browsing experience a bit more.

And I know there are some people who get intimidated by Greasemonkey and even the word “script” would prompt them not to touch Greasemonkey scripts with a ten-foot virtual pole. I wouldn’t blame them newbies. But the interesting thing is, as far as add-ons go, they could go about their usual way downloading and installing them.

Here’s a placebo effect to Greasemonkey repulsion – User Script Compiler. It’s a web service that compiles Greasemonkey scripts and converts them into an installable Firefox add-on file (.xpi). All you have to do is to open the .js files (that you get from Userscripts) and copy and paste the code on to the website. You can save the .xpi file and just launch it via Firefox to install.

Visit the User Script Compiler

Remember Anything with Ubernote [Webapps]Lifehacker

ubernote.jpgStore notes about anything with productivity webapp UberNote. Keep a journal, manage to-do lists, store recipes, or sort your contacts within a handy rich-text editor that can be accessed from within any web browser. Easily add tags to your notes to easily find an item when you need it, and the search feature also works quite well. Notes are private, though the service aims to offer collaboration tools in the future. UberNote is free to use, requires an email address to set up an account.


Get GNU Tools on Windows with UnixUtils [Featured Windows Download]

Windows only: So you keep typing ls at the Windows command line instead of dir? Miss grep, wget, and tar on your PC? The open source UnixUtils project offers ports of “the most important” GNU command line utilities, including those listed as well as over 100 others. Usually we recommend using the Unix emulator Cygwin to get *nix command line goodness in Windows, but UnixUtils doesn't depend on the whole Cygwin layer to run—they're tried and true Windows executables. UnixUtils is a free download for Windows only. Thanks, Vijay!

UnixUtils [SourceForge]

Crown Molding TipsRockler Woodworking Blog

For most do-it-yourselfers – and carpenters, for that matter - it takes a while to warm up…

Five Email Addresses that Convert Documents [Conversion]Lifehacker

The Digital Inspiration blog offers up five email addresses that offer free file conversion for Word docs, PDFs, and even MP3s with no fuss, no muss—just attach a file, send it, and wait for the reply with the converted file attached. For mobile device users who can’t read or open certain formats or desktop users who need a little audio formatting without downloading software. The full list of addresses, after the jump.

  •—Converts any attached Microsoft Visio or Word file (including the 2007/.docx kind) to PDF files, and supports multiple file attachments. Ignore the “iphone” in the address, as it works from any device or computer, but only supports files up to 1 MB in size.
  • pdf@koolwire—Converts Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to PDFs. Like the other Koolwire addresses below, it accepts files up to 10 MB in size.
  •—Convert PDFs to Word or Rich Text Format files.
  •—Convert WAV files to MP3s.
  •—Convert MP3s to WAV files.

Of course, anyone who can get to a Gmail account has some conversion utilities built in, but for those moments when your access is limited, these email apps might be worth having in your address book. Note that the utilities don’t require “Convert” in the subject line, as pictured—I just tried to avoid Thunderbird’s nagging about sending no-subject email.

Email Based File Conversion – Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, MP3, etc. [Example Source via Blah]


4th ANNUAL DANCE COURSE – AFRO-CUBAN DANCES -2008 Beginner/ Intermediate / Advanced I – II From: Saturday, 1st of March Class Schedules: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm to 9:30pm / Saturday 2pm to 4pm. Class: Afro-Cuban dance, Training for Dancers, Afro-Torso Work, Rumba’s, Choreographic and Artistic Practice, Original Styles (Mambo / Cha-Cha-Chá / Conga / Rumba / Traditional Son . Artistic Performances, Certificates . Fees: Free Pass: $130. per month Address: – Guardia Vie…

10th Workuba 2008 (International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop)

10th Workuba 2008 (International Intensive Modern Dance & Afro-Latin Dance Workshop) February 9 – 23 Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Location: Danzario-Americano – Cultural Center: – Guardia Vieja 3559, Abasto. City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. General Director: Marta Bercy Workuba makes the difference! We offer you a unique opportunity to experience modern dance with a latin flavor in a workshop that has as its setting the exciting City of Buenos Aires. Classes to be offered in the 10…

How to control process affinity on Linux

Automatically insert attribute value quotes.NET Tip of The

Visual Studio HTML/ASPX editor can save you some time if you enable option Tools | Options… | Text Editor | HTML | Format | Insert attribute value quotes when typing. When this option is enabled, once you type a name of an attribute and following “=” symbol, Visual Studio automatically inserts a pair of quotes and invokes IntelliSense menu. After that you need only to select an attribute value from the menu and hit the Enter button. It’s another nice timesaver.

Tackle All Your CD/DVD Writing with BurnAware [Featured Windows Download]Lifehacker

burnaware.pngWindows only: Freeware application BurnAware covers all of your most common burning tasks, from burning audio CDs and video DVDs to disk images (like ISO files) and regular data discs. That’s a good start, but BurnAware really impresses by supporting virtually every optical format, including Blu-Ray and HD DVDs. If you’ve been looking for a simple, all-in-one burning tool with a small footprint to replace expensive alternatives like Nero, BurnAware may be the ticket. BurnAware is freeware, Windows only.

BurnAware Free Edition

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