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Build an Air Hockey Table [Weekend Project]

Love air hockey but don’t have a small fortune to spend on an air hockey table? Build a rock-solid monster of an air hockey table and be the envy of your old school arcade-loving friends.

This isn’t a simple build that you can cobble together with some plywood you scrounged from the dump and some duct tape. You’ll definitely be investing a solid weekend or two in the construction process. The payoff, however, is an awesome air hockey table for a fraction of the price of a retail model.

How much of a fraction? A crappy Wal-Mart air hockey table will run you around $400, a commercial-grade arcade model will run you anywhere from $1,000-$5,000. Depending on the supplies you have on hand before you start this project your cost will be closer to $100.

Check out the link below for a detailed build guide and if you have tales of your own DIY arcade and gaming adventures we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

CourseSmart Puts Textbooks on Your iPhone [Downloads]

iPhone/iPod touch: You may be doing your best to get your textbooks for free, but for those times you’re thinking about buying, consider CourseSmart, a new iPhone application that puts textbooks in your pocket.

CourseSmart the-mobile-app is the baby of CourseSmart the-web-site, which sells digital versions of over 7,000 textbooks from most of the leading textbook publishers. When you buy a book from CourseSmart, you also get access to it (for free) on the CourseSmart iPhone app.

And while your iPhone screen certainly isn’t the best place to pore over hundreds of pages of your bio textbook, it’s probably not a bad tool for a little last-minute cramming or studying on-the-go. CourseSmart is freeware, iPhone and iPod touch only.

CourseSmart [iTunes App Store via PC World]

Qik Brings Video Sharing App to iPhone 3GS [Downloads]

Qik, a streaming video app that’s already shown up on Android and jailbroken iPhones, has an official app for the iPhone 3GS out. It’s Wi-Fi only, and without live streaming, but the developers say that will change.

In the meantime, Qik does have at least one truly notable advantage over the native video capture tool—allowing for video captures in portrait or landscape modes. There's also location capturing for videos, and easier sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and simple email sends. Qik can also share videos already stored on your video roll. In other words, if you've dug Qik's functionality on another platform already, and you don't mind the Wi-Fi-only and streaming limitations, you'll probably dig Qik for the 3GS. It's a free download for iPhone 3GS only.

Qik [iTunes App Store (direct link) via Gizmodo]

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