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Seven Ways to Reuse and Get Creative with Your Old iPhone [DIY]

It’s arguably Apple’s greatest skill: Making your previous gear look obsolete next to their new releases. So what do you do with your devices after they’ve been made redundant? Here’s a handful of ways to reuse that spare, older-gen iPhone. More »

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Enable the Ultra-Compact Menu in Google Chrome [Chrome]

Chrome: Chrome’s interface is already minimalist and compact but if you want to shrink it even further you can collapse the page menu into the wrench menu with a simple command-line flag. More »

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Use a Cheap Bracelet to Fix Your iPhone 4 Signal Woes [IPhone]

You’ve got a new iPhone 4, but you’re a bit blue because apparently you’ve been holding phones wrong your whole life. No need to buy an expensive case to fix your phone-holding habits and weak-signal woes. Fix it with a cheap bracelet. More »

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Cook Every Course of Summer Meals On the Grill [Recipes]

It’s always worth busting out the grill for great steak or other entrees, but it’s better if you can spare your kitchen and grill the whole meal. Food writer Mark Bittman offers up 101 grilling recipes, covering fruits, vegetables, desserts, and more. More »

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iOS 4: Exchange Mail, Contacts, or Calendars may not sync after update

I know you guys have iPhones, this may be interesting for you.  If you know anyone else using iPhones with Exchange server, you might want to read this:

AT&T Premier: Save Some Money On Your iPhone Plan

If you’re a college student, hopefully you’re no stranger to some awesome discounts you can get on a Mac. Right now, you can even get a free iPod touch after rebate when you buy a new Mac, just for being a student. But what if you had your eyes on a shiny new iPhone 4? Here’s a quick way to save some money on it too.

Regardless of how you feel towards AT&T’s quality of service in the U.S., the company is good for at least one thing and that’s offering some lucrative discounts. Why not save some money if you can?

It’s called AT&T Premier and it’s a service that AT&T offers to select business partners and in return, those affiliated with the partners can reap nice discounts on AT&T hardware (iPhone 4 excluded) and discounts on the monthly rate plan and data plan.

So who qualifies for AT&T Premier? AT&T offers a tool on its website to check your eligibility. Simply enter in your work email address and go. The best part is, when you get the discount, it doesn’t extend your contract. And if you ever leave the company, the discount will still apply until you tell AT&T otherwise.

But wait — didn’t you get the vibe I was aiming this at college students? Most universities also qualify for AT&T Premier discounts just for being an enrolled student at a college or university in the U.S. So before you graduate, see if you qualify for a discount!

Are you an AT&T Premier customer? How much money have you saved? For me, it was about 15 percent off my rate plan and a pretty darn good deal on another non-iPhone for another member of my family. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Alcatel-Lucent NextGen Communications Spotlight — Learn More »

Smartphone Comparison Chart Compares Extensive Smartphone Specs [Infographic]

If you're in the market for a current generation smartphone all the new features and specs can be confusing at best. This extensive—but easy to read!—chart will help you navigate the world of smartphone features and specifications. More »


Any Video Converter Batch Processes Video Files and Converts HD YouTube Clips [Downloads]

Windows: Planes, trains, and automobiles—a long trip in any of them calls for some portable video. Any Video Converter, a tool we linked long ago, is still being updated and working strong, recently adding 1080p YouTube videos to its repertoire. More »

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Buying a Refrigerator

One of the most important appliance in a house is a refrigerator. This helps you save money on food as they keep things fresh for a longer period of time. If it’s your first time buying this appliance for a new home, here are a couple of tips you might want to know:

Keep a tape measure with you. First, measure the space that the appliance will be fitting into (the width, depth, and height). You should also check how much space you have if you have the refrigerator door open. Also check the size of your doors. You want a refrigerator that can fit through those so you can get them to the right spot once it is delivered.

Don’t forget your measuring tape once you go shopping. This will make it easier to measure appliances. Choose the one that fits closest to the measurements you need.

You might also inquire about how much energy an appliance consumes. If you’re big on frozen stuff, you may want to opt for something with a big freezer compartment.

NTP: Timing is Everything

What’s the one thing that you see criminals, spies and other mysterious individuals doing just prior to embarking on a caper? If you said, “synchronize their watches” you guessed correctly. And, why do they do it? Because timing is everything. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) does the same thing for your systems and for the same reasons; it keeps them synchronized.

Why is system time synchronization so important? If you’ve ever seen the message, “modification times are in the future” or had the misfortune to have your SAN or network attached storage deny access to a system or user account because of a time sync problem, you know why. Time sychronization is also important when you need to compare logged events between a system and a network device. (more >)

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