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Sell the Benefits of Telecommuting for an Easy Work-at-Home Transition [Telecommuting]

The key to getting your boss to put the stamp of approval on your telecommuting dreams is an excellent proposal. Sell your boss on the benefits of getting you out of the office with a well-planned proposal. More »

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Fraise, Successor to Smultron, Continues Development of the Simple OS X Text Editor [Downloads]

Mac OS X only: Rising from the ashes—or strawberry pulp—of the defunct Mac text editor Smultron, Fraise attempts pick up where the great open source Smultron left off. More »

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How to Sync iPhone Notes to Your Gmail Account [IOS4]

It was previously impossible to easily synchronize your iPhone's notes between devices, but yesterday's iOS4 firmware update adds a feature capable of saving notes directly—and conveniently—to your Gmail account. More »

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Save iPhone Notes to a Gmail Account

Apple’s iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4) added an important missing feature: a way to save your notes online. If you add an IMAP mail account like Gmail or Yahoo Mail and enable the notes feature, you can create notes that are saved to your email account.

For Gmail, Apple creates a label called Notes and saves the notes created in the Gmail section to your Gmail account. The notes can only be edited from an iPhone or iPod Touch and the changed are reflected in Gmail.

Some other new iOS 4 features that should be useful for Google users: Google Suggest in Safari’s search box, an option to search the Web in Spotlight and the ability to add multiple Exchange accounts.

Android Phone-Top Programming: Part 1

Building on what we already know about Android development, we take a look at adding App Widget functionality for your phone’s “desktop.”

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