Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

How Can I Improve My Posture? [Ask Lifehacker]

Dear Lifehacker,
I spend all day at my desk, and over time, I've noticed my posture has gotten worse and worse—and I'm even feeling some occasional back pain. How can I fix it? More »

How to Get Tomorrow’s iOS Features Today [Upgrade]

Apple’s iOS updates are seeded to developers, often in beta form, before they’re released to the general public. This may seem like an impenetrable barrier for some, but very little is preventing you from upgrading early. Here’s how to do it. More »

Apptivate Lets You Launch Applications with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts [Video]

Mac OS X: While it’s no AutoHotkey, Apptivate is a simple way to assign keyboard shortcuts to applications on a Mac. This means you can run AppleScripts with nothing more than a keystroke, too. More »

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