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EZToastView (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
EZToastView displays an unintrusive message to the user. It is short lived, semi-transparent, and non-interactive so the user can be textually notified without being forced to act. Get up and running with one line of code.

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Remove the Delay when Showing and Hiding the Dock in OS X [Video] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker

If you like to keep your dock automatically hidden for more screen real estate on your Mac, it might bug you that it takes a good half second for it to show up when you mouse over it. This simple terminal command will eliminate that delay, so it shows up instantly. More »

Cook a Steak on Its Fat Side First (and 99 More of the Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time) [Cooking] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker

Just when I thought I’ve mastered the perfect steak-cooking technique, along comes this aha! tip: start cooking a steak on the fat side first, so there’s flavorful fat for the rest of the cooking. And this tip is just number 55 of 100 in Food Network’s 100 Greatest Cooking Tips (of all time!) More »

GrowlVoice Puts Google Voice in Your Mac’s Menubar [Mac Downloads] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Alan Henry at Lifehacker

Mac: If you use Google Voice for SMS and voicemail, and you’re tired of keeping it up in a tab or picking up your phone every time a new message comes in or you want to hear the message someone’s left you, GrowlVoice is a handy Mac utility that puts Google Voice square in your menubar so you can read and listen to your Google Voice voicemail, respond to SMS messages from your desktop, star, archive, and delete messages, and even get Growl notifications when someone’s sent you a text or left you a voicemail. More »

Control of the Week: AutocompletionTableView (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls

Our control of the week, AutocompletionTableView offers you an autocompletion experience reminiscent of what you get with a UISearchDisplayController, but with a far more lightweight feel. Simplified BSD license.

Grab the source, or check it out on YouTube

Find out more

CountryPicker (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
CountryPicker is a custom UIPickerView subclass that provides an iOS control allowing a user to select a country from a list. It can optionally display a flag next to each country name, and the library includes a set of 249 high-quality, public domain flag images from FAMFAMFAM ( that have been painstakingly re-named by country code to work with the library.

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EMHint (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
EMHint is an iOS class group that easily adds a spotlight-like effect to a view highlighting or hinting at something that may be important on the screen.The protocols of EMHintDelegate allow users to override many of the default actions and views. Tapping the black overlay fades it away.

Great for quick “how to” or tutorials in your app.

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VSSilentSwitch (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
Need to work out the state of the iPhone’s silent switch in iOS 5?

This simple static library lets you do just that with a single call.

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Deliver Shares Messages and Files Between Your Macs and iPhones (or Other iDevices) Almost Instantly [Downloads] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Adam Dachis at Lifehacker

OS X and iOS: Deliver does what the name suggests—it delivers messages and files from one Mac or iDevice to another over the local network. It does this with absolutely no configuration and it is super fast. All you have to do is download, install, and launch the app on any computer or device on your local network and you’ll be ready to go. More »

Update/Create Lion RecoveryHD partition quickly Without Reinstalling (

Posted by (author unknown) at
Apple released the Lion Recovery Update in October, 2011, and, after they updated the Lion recovery partition to 10.7.2, there was a great hint from Clay Caviness who dug into the update and highlighted the the relevant files and commands that it used to accomplish this update.

Recently, 10.7.3 came out, however, and the RecoveryHD partition is not updated if you use Software Update; it will stay at 10.7.2. This is probably not a big deal, as Apple didn’t deem it necessary to update, but for some users, this may not be good enough.

Note: Running the full 10.7.3 installer from the App Store will update the partition; this is fine for your home computer but not practical for large deployments.

Script Workflow:

  • Asks for locations of Recovery Update, Install OS X, and destination
  • Expands …
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