Daily Archives: May 17, 2012

Free Up Hard Drive Space with a Simple Search Filter, No Extra Programs Necessary [Disk Space] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker

We’ve shown you lots of ways to free up hard drive space before, but before you go and download disk-visualizing programs, you might want to do a quick search for big files. Here’s how to do it on Windows and OS X. More »

Learn Proper Breathing Techniques for Different Exercises to Last Longer with Less Effort [Exercise] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker

Exercise is often hard enough on its own, but you make it even harder on yourself if you’re not practicing good breathing techniques while you’re working out. Proper breathing delivers the right amount of oxygen so you can exercise longer with less effort. Fitness blog The Greatist breaks down how to do it for several popular exercises. More »

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