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Repurpose a Soda Bottle Into a DIY Irrigation System [Gardening] (Lifehacker)

Posted by David Galloway at Lifehacker

If you want to go out of town without your garden plants wilting from neglect, you can easily turn plastic 2-liter soda bottles into a makeshift irrigation system. More »

Long Commutes Are Sucking the Life Out of You: Shortening Yours by 20 Minutes Could Save Your Health [Health] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker

Long drives to and from work don’t just suck up your time; these long commutes may also be hazardous to your health. Besides draining you mentally and forcing you to sit for extended periods through traffic jams, long commutes are linked to less sleep, high cholesterol, and obesity. More »

Remove scrolling elasticity in Xcode (

Posted by (author unknown) at
Mac OS X Lion introduced iOS-style scrolling elasticity. Do you think it’s annoying, and it slows you down while working in Xcode? Here’s how to remove it.

Copy this Xcode plugin to the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/

You should create the directories if needed.


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SSCollectionView (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

An NSCollectionView clone (think grid view) for UIKit.

Part of the SSToolkit repository

DTGridView (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

A two-dimensional scrolling view component for the iPhone, heavily inspired by UITableView.

Official DTGridView repository

ESSVideoShare (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

A framework to implement publishing videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr.

Official ESSVideoShare repository

NGTabBarController (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

A customizable TabBarController implementation that can be positioned left/bottom/right/top.

Official NGTabBarController Repository

CeedGL (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

Thin Objective-C wrapper for modern OpenGL development on Mac & iOS.

Official CeedGL repository

Tipi (CocoaObjects)

Posted by uliwitness at CocoaObjects

Objective-C implementation of the Tipi template language.

Official Tipi repository

OGActionChooser (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user can select an item or close the action chooser. The items can be disabled optionally.

image of this control

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