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Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet, Even on Unsupported Macs and Hackintoshes [Os X Mountain Lion] (Lifehacker)

Posted by Shep McAllister at Lifehacker

AirDrop is a dead-simple OS X service for beaming files back and forth between Macs wirelessly, but a simple terminal command can make it even better. More »

CRMultiRowSelect (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
CRMultiRowSelect is a custom UITableViewCell for iOS that supports multiple row selection in a UITableViewController. It supports multiple mark colors and beauty Retina display graphics.

Everything is drawn with CoreGraphics

image of this control

OLGhostAlertView (Cocoa Controls)

Posted by Cocoa Controls at Cocoa Controls
OLGhostAlertView allows you to present a translucent view with a title and an optional message on the bottom of the screen. Use it to inform your user about temporary issues that do not require any immediate action and are not blocking the flow of your app.

OLGhostAlertView can have a title and an optional message, in a way similar to UIAlertView. It automatically fades out after a configurable time interval and, by default, can be dismissed with a tap. It can automatically adapt its size according to the device it’s being deployed on, user interface orientation and length of the strings passed to it.

image of this control

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