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Objective-C Blocks Cheat Sheet

Blocks are an incredibly powerful addition to Objective-C, introduced in iOS 4. However, their syntax can be maddeningly difficult to remember. Matt Gallagher has an excellent post that breaks down the syntax to help you understand it. If you haven’t read this article, go do it now.
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LTHPasscodeViewController for iOS

iOS 7 style Passcode. Nothing much to add, it replicates the default Passcode exactly. Not the Lockscreen one, but the one you get in Settings, when changing the code or accessing the Restrictions.
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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Estimate the cost of an app easily using this handy tool.
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Find Out Which Extension is Eating Up Your Memory in Firefox

Firefox: Extensions are a great way to augment your browser experience. They’re also a great way to balloon your RAM usage if you’re not careful. Here’s how to find out which one is grinding your system to a halt. This should show you exactly how much memory a particular extension is using up.
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codegefluester/CGFDateModifier · GitHub

CGFDateModifier Modify a NSDate the easy way Example usage NSDate *oneWeekFromNow = [CGFDateModifier dateByModifiyingDate:[NSDate date] withModifier:@”+1 week”]; NSDate *multipleModifiers = [CGFDateModifier dateByModifiyingDate:[NSDate date]
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Failing Fast

Failing fast is the decision to abort a running application when the application encounters a bad state. The decision, however, to abort a running application is often difficult. This post does not attempt to convince you to adopt a fail fast policy.
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AksDeviceConsole for iOS

An on-device console for easy and quick debugging.
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UALogger for iOS

UALogger is a simple and lightweight logging tool for iOS and Mac apps. It allows you to customize the log format, customize when to log to the console at runtime, and allows collection of the entire recent console log for your application.
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Adjust the volume of turn-by-turn directions in Maps

Fire up the Settings up, and scroll down until you find Maps. There, you’ll see controls for disabling the app’s voice, or making its volume Low, Medium, or Loud.
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How Can I Turn Off Google Search Results Indirection?

Ever try to copy links directly from Google? Of course you have! And you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t work—at least, not if you want a clear, direct URL. But there’s a way to get around Google’s indirection, and it’s more convenient than you might think.
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