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rizumita/CTCheckbox · GitHub

CTCheckbox is a checkbox UI component library for iOS. You put UIView on a storyboard and change it’s class to CTCheckbox. UIViewController
via Feedly/Pocket on December 29, 2013 at 04:55PM

jpwidmer/iOS_Blur-View · GitHub

iOS 7’s blur effect for an entire UIView. Apple created iOS 7 with all of these wonderful blurred views, and yet left us without a way to use that blur effect on our own views. Taking matters into my own hands, I created a way –
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michalkonturek/LINQ4Obj-C · GitHub

Performs a custom aggregation operation on the values of a collection. The following example creates a coma-separated string from an array of strings.
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insidegui/GRProgressIndicator · GitHub

This is a reimplementation of NSProgressIndicator with some customization support Usage Place a custom view in your xib and set its class to “GRProgressIndicator” IMPORTANT: this view will work best if It’s height is 19 or less, you can use bigger heights but the gradient may look strange Changing
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konstantinpavlikhin/Watchdog · GitHub

Watchdog is a simple registration framework for OS X apps. Watchdog has nothing to do with with trial periods or evaluation launches count. It’s up to you to implement an appropriate TrialController with behavior specific to your domain. There are numerous ways you can implement a trial.
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jivadevoe/NSTimer-Blocks · GitHub

Extremely simple category on NSTimer which makes it able to use blocks. I figure if you’re using a block, you probably won’t need to pass any userinfo object into the timer… you can get to whatever you need just from the block.
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jpwidmer/iOS7-BarcodeScanner · GitHub

Barcode scanner using the scanning capabilities introduced with iOS 7. The project as is goes straight into scanning mode to which it constantly looks for barcodes to be scanned. In the viewDidLoad(), it sets the property found in the .
via Feedly/Pocket on December 18, 2013 at 11:34PM

Jawbone/JBChartView · GitHub

Introducing JBChartView – Jawbone’s iOS-based charting library for both line and bar graphs. It is easy to set-up, and highly customizable. Build and run the JBChartViewDemo project in Xcode. The demo demonstrates the use of both the line and bar charts.
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Objective-C Regex Categories for iOS

Objective-C Regex Categories for iOS

via Feedly/Pocket on December 13, 2013 at 09:04PM

EFCircularSlider for iOS

An extensible circular slider for iOS applications CocoaPods Requires ARC Link
via Feedly/Pocket on December 13, 2013 at 09:04PM

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