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Backupify Cloud Backup Free Until January 31; Stays Free If You Sign Up Now [Deals]

Previously mentioned web service Backupify backs up all your online accounts (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and a ton more) to the cloud, normally for a nominal fee—but until January 31, 2010, all Backupify accounts will be free with unlimited storage. After this period, the service will go back to a paid pricing structure. Anyone who signs up for an account during this free period, however, will remain free—and unlimited—forever. So if you've been considering the service (or feel the need to backup your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, or many other supported online accounts), now is the time to sign up. If you don't see your service listed, sign up anyway—they've announced that YouTube and Linkedin backups are coming soon, and they plan to continue to launch support for more services. It can't hurt—after all, it doesn't get much cheaper than free. [Backupify via ZDNet]

FBackup Makes Backing Up Application Data Simpler [Downloads]

Windows only: Freeware backup software FBackup includes special plugins for most popular applications—so you don't have to worry about which files to backup anymore, it's all handled for you.

FBackup can do all the things standard backup applications can do: automated backups, zip compression, password protection, an easy wizard, and even backing up open files—but the killer feature is support for plugins that tell the backup application exactly which files to backup—an extremely useful feature for easily backing up hard-to-find files like the profile folders for Google Chrome, Pidgin, or even Opera without resorting to manually finding each location from deep within a hidden folder somewhere. Sure, you can always backup the entire contents of your drive to make sure you captured everything, but even with today's hard drive sizes that's still a waste of space.

FBackup is a free download for Windows only. For more, check out your five favorite Windows backup tools, take a look at the five best file syncing tools, or learn how to automatically backup your hard drive.

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