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Mega Button Puts Shortcuts to Chrome’s Most Used Settings Right In Your Toolbar [Video]

You can access most of Chrome’s settings from the Wrench menu, but it’s a bit cluttered and hard to navigate quickly. Free extension Mega Button puts shortcuts to some of Chrome’s most accessed settings right in your toolbar. More »

Google Dictionary Extension for Chrome Gives You Definitions as You Browse [Downloads]

Chrome: This free dictionary extension from Google lets you view definitions from within web pages you visit. Just double-click a word to see its meaning in a pop-up bubble or get in-age translation of a foreign word. More »

Texty Sends Text Messages from Google Chrome Using Your Phone Number (and We’ve Got Beta Invites) [Downloads]

Android/Chrome: No one likes texting on small, autocorrect-prone phone keyboards. Texty connects your phone to Google Chrome, letting you send and receive SMS messages right from the extension bar. More »

Keyconfig Customizes a Ridiculous Amount of Keyboard Shortcuts in Chrome [Downloads]

We love keyboard shortcuts here at Lifehacker, and Chrome’s already got more than a few built in. But if you don’t like the defaults, or want to add a few of your own, extension Chrome Keyconfig gives you pretty much endless possibilities. More »

After the Deadline Improves Spelling and Grammar Checks in Chrome [Downloads]

Chrome: After The Deadline, a powerful spelling and grammar checking tool, has arrived as a Google Chrome extension with all its text-fixing powers intact. It catches typos and lazy writing, and allows you to customize rules for key phrases and web sites. More »

Copy Without Formatting Strips Text Formatting in Google Chrome [Downloads]

Chrome: If you frequently find yourself copying text from Chrome into Notepad just to strip the formatting away, Copy Without Formatting allows you to grab your selection as plain text. More »

Incredible StartPage Customizes Google Chrome’s New Tab Page [Downloads]

Chrome only: Google Chrome extension Incredible StartPage changes the start page to a three-panel view of your your favorite bookmarks, closed tabs, customizable color schemes, and a place to quickly add notes and send them to Gmail. More »

Turn Off The Lights Dims Chrome for Enhanced Focus [Downloads]

Chrome: If you’re a fan of previously reviewed Firefox add-on YouTube Cinema, you’ll want to grab a copy of Turn Off The Lights for Chrome to enjoy the same screen-dimming focus for video, document editing, and more. More »

Unofficial Better Gmail for Chrome Bends Gmail to Your Will [Downloads]

Chrome: We love Gina’s Better Gmail Firefox extension, a bundle of user scripts that improves the Gmail experience. Now that Google’s beefed up support for Chrome extensions, reader Dimitar Gruev has taken a shot at bringing an unofficial Better Gmail to Chrome.

Almost a year ago our own How-To Geek put together a version of Better Gmail for Chrome, but that was way back when Chrome didn’t even have extensions (his were all bundled into a single user script). This new Chrome extension is an unofficial Better Gmail for Chrome that was inspired by Gina’s Firefox extension and our earlier Better Gmail for Chrome bag o’scripts.

Once installed, access Better Gmail's options by clicking the wrench -> Extensions -> Better Gmail Options. Tick the boxes of the features you want activated and you're good to go. You can choose to hide little used fields like "Invite Friends," remove ads, show the number of unread emails in the favicon, and more.

Gruev says future versions of Better Gmail will hide spam count, move to next message on delete or archive, and include support for POP3 email. A big round of applause goes to Gruev for putting this together. What kinds of features do you hope for in future versions of Better Gmail? Share your ideas in the comments.

Better Gmail for Chrome [Chrome Extensions Gallery]

TabJump is a Smart, Organized Tab Manager for Google Chrome [Downloads]

Google Chrome (Windows/Mac/Linux): If you tend to have tons of small, hard-to-read tabs open at a time, navigate through them with TabJump, a Chrome extension that lets you open recently closed tabs, jump to open tabs, and group related tabs together.

We've all been there before—you open up Wikipedia for a five-minute break, and two hours later you have 30 tabs open. TabJump is a great tab manager for Google Chrome, that sits in the address bar and organizes all your open and recently closed tabs, so you can easily navigate through your sea of open pages. Your open tabs are organized into two columns, one of which shows the tabs related to the one currently in focus, so you can quickly jump between open pages from the same site. You can also lock certain pages, protecting them from accidental closure. If you try to close a locked tab, you'll get a popup message from Chrome asking you if you are sure, preventing you from losing what was really important out of all those open tabs.

TabJump is a free download, works wherever Google Chrome does (Note: You’ll need to be running the beta channel for extension support on Linux, and the dev channel for extension support in OS X). Thanks, MPS!

TabJump – Intelligent Tab Navigator [Google Chrome Extensions]

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