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Automatically Open PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations with Google’s Doc Viewer [Downloads]

Most web browsers: Google’s Doc Viewer allows you to view any PDF, PPT, and TIFF directly in your browser without downloading the file and launching another heavy desktop application, and this user script streamlines that process.

After installing the script (which works with Greasemonkey for Firefox and should in theory work with the dev build of Chrome, Opera, Safari with GreaseKit, and IE with IE7Pro), it will convert any link pointing directly to a download of PDF, PPT, and TIFF files to a link to view those files in the Google Doc Viewer. If the idea sounds familiar, we highlighted a bookmarklet that could do the same thing on a case-by-case basis, but this user script will do the trick every time.

Helvetical Turns Google Calendar Into a Thing of Beauty [Downloads]

Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE: I've never found Google Calendar to be particularly unattractive—until I compared it to the sleek, clean look of Google Calendar with the Helvetical user script, that is.

Helvetical has a very similar design aesthetic to previously mentioned Helvetireader, a Helvetica-themed Google Reader customization. It’s easy on the eyes and drops out a lot of the clutter of Google Calendar while keeping all of its functionality in tact.

Helvetical works with any browser that supports custom user scripts, which—in theory, at least—includes Firefox with Greasemonkey, Chrome with user scripts enabled, Opera, and IE with previously mentioned IE7Pro. (We’ve only tested it in Firefox.) If you give it a go, let’s hear how you like it in the comments.

Helvetical [I am Ad Taylor]

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