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[Frameworks >> UI] GrannySmith (

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GSFancyText is a rich text drawing library that allows users to format styled text with an HTML/CSS-like markup system. For example, the big chunk of code that we used to format and align the video description can now be simply defined with a simple line like “<p><strong>Family Guy</strong></p><p>Death has a shadow</p><p class=”detail”>S. 1 : Ep. 1 (22:31)</p>”, with the help of GSFancyText.

[Frameworks >> UI] AQGridview (

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The Author (Alan Quatermain) has a great description of this framework on the project’s GitHub page:

AQGridView is an attempt to create something similar to NSCollectionView on the iPhone. If CALayoutManager were available on the iPhone, specifically the CAConstraintLayoutManager, then this would be relatively easy to put together. However, since none of those exist, there’s a lot of work to be done.

AQGridView is based around the programming model of UITableView and its associated classes. To create this class I looked long and hard at how UITableView does what it does, and attempted to replicate it as closely as possible. This means that if you are familiar with table view programming on the iPhone or iPad, you will find AQGridView simple to pick up.”

So there you are! I’ve also compiled the latest version as of 18th Aug and attached them below.

[Frameworks >> Networking] ASIHttpRequest (

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ASIHttpRequest is one of those frameworks that you’ll use again and again. Seen as the ‘standard networking framework’ for many iOS developers, ASIHttpRequest acts as a wrapper around the core iOS networking framework and is seen as a ‘must-have’ for writing applications that communicate with web services.

See the site for more information and documentation.

[Articles >> Tutorials] Reusable collapsable table view for iOS (

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An interesting tutorial which shows how to create a collabsable table view in iOS by making use of a custom UIView and UITableView.

[Articles >> Tutorials] Building a Jabber Client for iOS: Interface Setup (

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Part two of MobileTuts’ “Building a Jabber Client for iOS” series.  This tutorial focuses on building the user interface with XCode’s Interface Builder.

[Frameworks >> Graphs & Charts] Core Plot (

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Core Plot is a popular 2D graphing and charting library for iOS.  You’ll find an active development team and plenty of tutorials across the web (submissions welcome :).

For info, I had to go through a full clean on XCode 4 and then build to get the samples compiling.  New samples include a real time graph, axis labelling policies etc.

There’s also a GitHub clone at

[Articles >> Tutorials] Creating an iPad flip-clock with Core Animation (

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An older tutorial I happened across, but an excellent insight into how to create custom animations with the core frameworks provided by iOS

[Articles >> Tutorials] Using CGAffineTransform for Circular Layout and Scrolling (

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Ryan Dillon shares a tutorial on how to design and implement Circular Layout and Scrolling in an iOS app.

[Frameworks >> Components] CoconutKit (

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CoconutKit is a library of high-quality iOS components written at hortis le studio and in my spare time. It includes several tools for dealing with view controllers, multi-threading, view animations, as well as some new controls and various utility classes. CoconutKit is distributed under a permissive MIT license, which means you can freely use it in your own projects (commercial or not).

[Frameworks >> Archiving & Compression] Unrar4iOS (

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Aptly named, Unrar4iOS is a port of the Unrar utilitiy to iOS.

The code is hosted on Github and comes ready with a sample app to get you started.

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