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What Sugar Actually Does to Your Brain and Body [Explainer]

We consume an enormous amount of sugar, whether consciously or not, but it's a largely misunderstood substance. There are different kinds and different ways your body processes them all. Some consider it poison and others believe it's the sweetest thing on earth. Here's a look at the different forms of sugar, the various ways they affect you, and how they play a role in healthy—and unhealthy—diets. More »

Why You Shouldn’t Apply Common Sense to Big Decisions and Complex Situations [Decision Making]

Having common sense is useful in helping us with little things, but according to Duncan Watts, author of Everything is Obvious (Once You Know the Answer), we have a tendency to assume our deeply-held beliefs are common sense because we cannot imagine anyone thinking otherwise. This is a flawed way of thinking and can lead to some pretty bad decisions. Here’s why. More » Helps You Improve Yourself by Letting Your Friends Anonymously Tell You Why You Suck [Webapp]

Nobody’s perfect and that’s just fine, but there are at least a few areas where we could all stand to improve. That would be great if we could just ask what’s wrong with us and get an honest answer, but nobody wants to tell you how awful you are. That’s where comes in. It’s a webapp that will let your friends and family anonymously post their issues with you so you can be aware of them without taking it personally. More »

Learn Basic Color Theory for Better Designs [Design]

Whether you’re putting together a portfolio web site or just slapping together some slides, knowing how colors affect the minds of your audience makes your message more appealing. Smashing magazine offers a post that serves as Color Psychology 101 for would-be designers.

Beyond explaining which colors work as “warm” and “cool,” how primaries play off secondary colors, and offering lots of keen examples of every kind of color design, Smashing’s post offers some clues on how colors are perceived when images are translated to mental impressions. Here’s a little primer on orange that caught me unawares:

Orange is a very vibrant and energetic color. In its muted forms, it can be associated with the earth and with autumn. Because of its association with the changing seasons, orange can represent change and movement in general.

Because orange is associated with the fruit of the same name, it can be associated with health and vitality. In designs, orange commands attention without being as overpowering as red. It’s often considered more friendly and inviting, and less in-your-face.

Hit the link for a deeper read. While you’ve got your monocle and draft paper out, tell us what color schemes you like, and which have never appealed to you, in the comments.

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