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OpenShot 1.0 Is an Actually Usable Linux Video Editor [Downloads]

Linux/Live CD/DVD: It’s one of the five features we desperately want in Ubuntu: a video editor that the average user can stitch together simple movies with. OpenShot 1.0 is mostly there.

That’s not to say the interface has much polish, or that you don’t have to install non-free multimedia codecs in your Linux system beforehand. Then again, unless you’re a FLAC/OGG music purist, you probably already installed your MP3 and other file supports.

I had a video project to assemble over the weekend—combining a recorded audio file and still pictures into a video file that could be imported into iMovie, or watched on a standard PC laptop. I dropped an audio file into the left-hand sidebar, and it automatically dropped into one of the two default tracks. I dragged in a batch of pictures, and I could then drop them onto the timeline. From there, you can use the really simple tools—resize, razor, marker, and moving tool—to adjust and arrange the clips. For my purposes, that was perfect. It was a return to earlier versions of iMovie, a basic non-linear video editor for the rest of us.

If you're looking to make very complex transitions or pull precise transformations on your video, you're still better off with a more advanced suite on another platform—one of our six best video editing applications, perhaps. If you’re a Linux user and looking to stitch together a small-scale video project, OpenShot is definitely worth a look.

OpenShot is a free download, available as a live CD or DVD, as an Ubuntu/Debian repository, and pre-compiled for Ubuntu and Fedora systems. If you’ve given OpenShot a try and like it, or find it lacking a certain something, tell us about it in the comments.

OpenShot 1.0 Has Arrived! [OpenShot Video Editor]

Windows Live Movie Maker Leaves Beta, Ready for Download [Downloads]

Windows only: Windows Live Movie Maker—the new, ribbon-sporting, updated version of Windows Movie Maker, has left beta and is now ready to handle your video editing needs.

(Click the image above for a closer look.)

Movie Maker has long been a relatively unloved video editing application that a lot of people have never even touched, but as more and more people go digital with their video, free video editors like Movie Maker will likely become more useful and used by the general public.

The new and improved Windows Live Movie Maker sports the now ubiquitous-in-Windows-apps ribbon menu (mentioned above), supports HD video, has built-in tools to upload your videos to YouTube, and can share to other popular video sharing sites with the right plug-ins.

Windows Live Movie Maker is freeware, Windows Vista and Windows 7 only. If you have time to give it the full run-through, let’s hear how you like the new and improved Movie Maker in the comments. Looking for something a little more robust? Check out our six best video editing applications.

Qik Brings Video Sharing App to iPhone 3GS [Downloads]

Qik, a streaming video app that’s already shown up on Android and jailbroken iPhones, has an official app for the iPhone 3GS out. It’s Wi-Fi only, and without live streaming, but the developers say that will change.

In the meantime, Qik does have at least one truly notable advantage over the native video capture tool—allowing for video captures in portrait or landscape modes. There's also location capturing for videos, and easier sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and simple email sends. Qik can also share videos already stored on your video roll. In other words, if you've dug Qik's functionality on another platform already, and you don't mind the Wi-Fi-only and streaming limitations, you'll probably dig Qik for the 3GS. It's a free download for iPhone 3GS only.

Qik [iTunes App Store (direct link) via Gizmodo]

Free Video Cutter Cuts and Splits Your Videos [Downloads]

Windows only: If you’ve ever needed to extract a small section of a much longer video to share with friends or family, Free Video Cutter 1.1 is a dead-simple solution.

The application cuts, splits, or clips your large video files into smaller, easier to share files.This lightweight video editing tool works with several popular input video formats (including MPEG, DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, and MOV) and supports six different output formats. That's about all it does—simple but effective. As the name suggests, Free Video Cutter is a free download, Windows only.

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